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When they heard this they all nodded their heads Then Zhao Zilong said "Daozu the bastard who raised his eyebrows go and inform him If he messes up something I'll seal him for a few hundred years Anyway our side has already occupied a great advantage One more of him is not more and one less of him is not less" When Hongjun Daozu heard this he gave a wry smile and then disappeared and the next few sages left in turn The land of the gods the underworld the ancient stone python sat there with a sullen face Beside him were the ancient dragon the scorpion king and Hades The following six God kings all lowered their heads digital signage kiosk and did not know what they were thinking Finally the ancient stone python said "The strength of the other side is very strong It is better than us" Although he didn't want to say so the ancient stone python told the truth When they heard this they all nodded At this time Hades said "But the number of our masters in the realm of heaven is one more than that of the other side

After a while the Scorpion King and I will not be afraid of each other when our strength improves" When the ancient stone python heard this it glared at Hades and said "Afraid" I have never been afraid of this word in the dictionary of the ancient stone python If I am in a hurry I will summon that guy as I used to do with the old elephants Who is my opponent But it's better not to use it unless you have to When Hades heard this he said to himself "Nonsense With that move isn't the world ours" How could you possibly use it Then the Scorpion King said "The goddess of the night the dead girl seems to be on the side of the flood and famine I think he has already told the masters of the flood and famine about your talent They will also throw rats and avoid weapons They dare not go too far After a period of time when Hades and I have improved our cultivation we will have a complete advantage" When they heard this they all nodded Just then the ancient stone python's face suddenly changed and he said "It's the old tree spirit This guy is attacking the underworld I'm going to meet this old man" ” With that the body of the ancient stone python disappeared Moments later the digital signage screen ancient stone python appeared outside the underworld But seeing that the great immortal had opened his world the green willow branches like poisonous snakes had penetrated into the underworld as if they wanted to absorb the essence of the underworld When the archaic stone python saw it he snorted coldly and said "I want to die"

The ancient stone pythons directly mobilized the power of the world and countless pythons suddenly scurried out of the underworld and then rushed toward the world of the immortal Interactive digital signage colliding with the power of the world Fairy raised his eyebrows body trembled slightly stepped back a few steps then spit out a mouthful of blood in his mouth while the ancient stone python just shook his body and then again launched the power of the world to attack the fairy raised his eyebrows the fairy raised his eyebrows saw the world opened and then a virtual willow tree appeared on the top of the fairy's head endless willow branches shot out from it the ancient stone python saw It also opens up its own world The image of a stone python appeared on the top of his head and then countless pythons shot out from the body of the stone python and attacked the immortal with raised eyebrows There were great similarities between the two ways of attack but the snakes and willow branches collided constantly and then there was a fight However the number of willow branches of the immortal with raised eyebrows was very large but the quality was at the same level The ancient stone pythons were different The number of snakes he summoned was less than that of willow branches but their strength was high or low so the snakes were soon submerged by willow branches but many of them were constantly swallowing the willow branches alive and then slowly moving forward

A few minutes later the power of the world of the Great Immortal of Raising Eyebrows was beaten back by the ancient stone python and the scope of its world was reduced to a radius of ten feet and countless pythons were still pushing forward The Great Immortal of Raising Eyebrows was almost enveloped in the power of the world of the ancient stone python The Great Immortal raised his eyebrows with a loud cry of bad luck in his heart Then he said "Hongjun!" Come and save me "He was originally slapped out by Zhao Zilong He was very angry He wanted to find Zhao Zilong desperately and was afraid of being sealed again So he decided to come to the land of the gods to vent After he came he found that all the creatures in the land of the gods were concentrated in the underworld He began to extract the law of the underworld with the power of the world but the ancient stone python suddenly touch screen digital signage appeared" At that time he had already consumed a lot of the power of the world and his original strength was not as good as that of the ancient stone python so he was injured by a blow from the ancient stone python The Great Immortal who raised his eyebrows knew it was going to be bad so he immediately asked Hongjun Daozu to come and help The stone python was not a fool If you had help wouldn't I Then the stone python sent a message to several masters in the underworld

At the same time he ordered his puppet the Archaic Dragon to come over Then the Archaic python attacked the Immortal again He wanted to cause the greatest damage to the Immortal before the other side's reinforcements arrived When the Immortal saw it he said angrily "Endless Void" This is exactly the special skill of the Great Immortal of Raising Eyebrows The body of the Great Immortal of Raising Eyebrows is a hollow willow tree Its body is a very strange void which can isolate the spread of divine energy In those days the great immortal of raising eyebrows and Hongjun Daozu fought each other relying on this move to gain the upper hand The great immortal of raising eyebrows used this move as if there was a black hole He absorbed all the attacks sent out by the ancient stone pythons and then cut off contact with them When the ancient stone pythons saw them he said in his heart "All the people who can reach this level are not fuel-efficient lamps Since they can't be hit hard let's wait until the other two people come" 。 。 Chapter 387 enmity Chapter 387 enmity Thinking the ancient stone python stopped attacking waiting for the other side and their reinforcements to appear Moments later Hongjun Daozu and Zhao Zilong as well as the ancient dragon and the Scorpion King Hades appeared in front of the ancient stone python and the Great Immortal The ancient stone Python laughed and said "The three of you are the masters of this flood and famine Just after testing you can't wait to fight a decisive battle" 。

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